Welcome to InvestorCraft. On this site you will find tools and information to help you understand and use concepts in modern portfolio management, such as portfolio diversification and portfolio optimization. Combined with a powerful database, the site's portfolio analysis tools will offer you a unique perspective on your investment portfolios. 

You can use this site to better understand the contributions that individual assets, including stocks, mutual funds, or ETFs, make to a portfolio. Analyze your portfolio with InvestorCraft's portfolio analyzers including the Efficient Frontier Calculator and Correlation Analysis.  Once you've built a portfolio, you can save it and track its performance.

InvestorCraft hosts an on-going portfolio competition. Enter your portfolio in the site's contest to see how your portfolio-building skills stack up against those of other investors.  Finally, you can browse and post in the site's forums to share information with other investors.  Here are some links with instructions and information that will help you get the most out of InvestorCraft:

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Portfolio Competition
Winners for Last Month - ended 8/31/2016
No results yet available
Portfolio Competition
Leaders Year-to-Date
RankOwnerPortfolio NameDescriptionTotal Return
1anonymoussubicbay_summer 2011its really a very hot humid summer, rains are coming soon!!!135.45 %
2anonymoussharpe folio 25.66 %
3anonymousDiv+Bond+Growth+Mining-MarketA mixed of Dividend + Bond + Mining - Market risk24.04 %
4GoodGuysgood guysgood guys best23.17 %
5anonymousbasic 22.75 %
Weekly Market Roundup - 9/23/2016
NameCloseWeek returnYear return
Dow Jones Industrials18261.450.76 %4.80 %
S&P 500 Index2164.691.19 %5.91 %
S&P MidCap 4001550.821.96 %10.89 %
Nasdaq Composite5305.751.17 %5.96 %
FTSE 100 (Britain)6909.432.97 %10.69 %
DAX (Germany)10626.973.41 %-1.08 %
Nikkei (Japan)16754.021.42 %-11.98 %
2015 Portfolio Results
01/19/2016 - Your 2015 portfolio results and winners of the 2015 competition are available. Thank you for using the site in 2015!...
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